open your third eye naturally with card reading.
Without years of practice or having to memorize shit.
Let me take a wild guess as to why you may be here...
1 - You are ready to discover your true intuitive and psychic abilities and apply them in your every day life.

2 - You want to open yourself up to working with your Angels, Guides and Crossed over loved ones. 

3 - You know there is more to the life you have been living, but not sure what it is or how to get it.

4 - You want to trust your intuition, but you struggle with indecisiveness and self-doubt.

5 - You're ready to break shit cycle patterns and remove all blocks to abundance.

If that sounds like something you need in your life, let me introduce you to..
A Girls Guide To Badassery
A self-paced online course that will teach you how to open your third eye the fastest way Possible by learning to read card's.

What makes this course so amazingly different than any other card reading course on the planet?
You will learn how to read ANY deck of cards (Angel, Oracle, Tarot and Specialty decks) without having to memorize a thing!

This is Not a Tarot, Oracle or Angel Card reading Course, but ALL of them in one.

You will learn how to use your gifts, not book meanings, for instant answers, direction, and validation in any area of your life.

Ever experience something so traumatic it rocked your entire world to your breaking point?

The truth is, card reading is a life changing tool for those who want to make their lives and the lives of others better.
Let's go over how card reading can transform your life...
  •  Develop your intuition and other psychic abilities including mediumship along with connecting with your Angels and Guides.
  •  Self-exploration and personal growth including discovering your life purpose.
  •  Understanding another persons perspective to heal relationships or get closure.
  •  Instant peace of mind, clarity and understanding on anything in life.
  •  Show road blocks you are not aware of and how to overcome them or course correct.
  • ​Internal healing and guidance no physical therapist could ever give you.
  •  Live like you won the lottery every "F-in" day.
  •  Do I really need to list more?
Some basic Q & A about Card Reading. 
What if I get a negative card or message?

These cards are a blessing in disguise. They tell you if course correction is needed or to prepare in advance for something. A little forewarning to better prepare is a good thing.
What if the cards, or my intuition is wrong?

This is not a fortune telling course. You are co-creating your life by using  cards combined with validating your intuition as a handy tool to help  with making the best choices in life. 
I don't think I can memorize the cards.

The beauty of this course is that it teaches you how to read using your natural gifts. Throw the books out the window, you do not need them and all they will do is confuse you in the end.
But Tarot makes me nervous.

Then don't use them, use angel or oracle cards instead. This course will show you how to read any deck of cards while developing and strengthening your natural gifts.
Don't you have to be psychic to read cards?
Yep, and guess what.. we are all psychic.  You were born with natural gifts and abilities, sadly society doesn't teach us to look within ourselves for answers.  This course will show you exactly how to do that.
Isn't card reading is the devils work?
People will see evil in anything they don’t understand or have a closed viewpoint on. Is the internet evil, is harry potter evil, how about cable tv? All I can tell you is it's been a massive healing and blessing in my life and the lives of my clients and students. 
The Details of The Course Modules
Module 1
Intro to things to be aware of along with code of ethics.
Lessons Include:

- Welcome Message.
- What the Cards Will and Won't do.
- VIP PACKAGE ONLY Invite to the Private FB Group.
Module 2
Before we get started:
An overview of things to know with Angel, Oracle and Tarot.
Lessons Include:
- Intro to Various Card Types.
- Intro About Tarot.
- About The Free Cards with the Purchase of this Course.
- BONUS Download Free deck - 78 cards pdf.
- Tarot Study Guide + pdf.
- Tarot - Basic Terminology + pdf.
- Tarot Things to Memorize.
Module 3
An overview of things to know with Angel, Oracle and Tarot.
Lessons Include:

- How to Pick a card deck.
- Clean, Bless and Connect with your New Cards.
- Cleansing and Protecting Yourself + pdf.
- Routine Maintenance & Care + pdf.
- How I Wrap My Cards and Crystals.
Module 4
Using your intuition:
Getting specific answers and guidance without the book.
Lessons Include: 

- The Secret to Using your Intuition.
- Meditation to Open your Intuition (10 Minutes).
- Opening and Closing your Intuition pdf.
- Intention Setting, Shuffling and Picking Cards.
- Jumper Cards.
- WTF and Confusing Cards + pdf.
- How to Ask Your Questions.
- Reverse Meanings.
- How to get Yes and No Answers.
- Figuring out Time Lines.
- Health Questions.
- People and Personalities.
- How to Get The Details without Book Meanings.
Upgrade to the VIP package and enjoy these perks below.
FREE Readings For Life in a safe and private setting.
You will be able to give and receive free readings in the private FB group.  
Private Mentoring & Development.
Unlimted access to Judi and other classmates for additional help. 
Additional Bonus Training.
A total of 13 additional videos, 7 downloadable pdf's and more to help you in your journey.
The Bonus Modules of the VIP Package
Bonus Module #5
The secret tips, tools and tricks to getting the super fine details. This is where you will truly be strenthening your relationship with your intuition and the deck you choose to use. 
Lessons Include:
- Skyrocket your Intuitive Muscles.
- Journaling Why and Ideas pdf.
- Tarot - Assigning Key People in Your Life to The Cards + pdf.
- Journaling Weekly Readings pdf.
- Questions To Ask Your Deck pdf.
Bonus Module #6
Fun things to bond with your deck and go deep into personal growth and purpose. You know how you can have fun and play games with a standard playing deck? This is the same concept.
Lessons Include: 
- Some Fun Things To Do With Your Cards.
- Interview Your Deck pdf.
- What Is Your Life Purpose + pdf.
- Tarot and Numerology pdf.
- How to Read Household Playing Cards.
Bonus Module #7
Compare and review various card types to learn why its not necessary to memorize all the cards. We go over practice runs really fine tuning your intuition to get those personal details.
Lessons Include:
- Develop your Intuitive Muscles.
- Comparison - The Majors.
- Comparison - The Swords.
- Comparison - The Wands.
- Comparison - The Cups.
- Comparison - The Pentacles.
- Comparison of Various Tarot Decks.
some VIP member Testamonials...
Collette Bungay
"This course is so enjoyable I love that I can do it at my own pace It's exactly want I wanted,I am getting so much out of it. Its definitely opening up my intuition more and more and I've only just started reading cards it's amazing!The content is so down to earth,easy to follow and it sinks in fast.Just perfect for me."
DeAnna Zak
"I have always been fascinated with Tarot and Oracle cards but learning the meanings were to much for me. Now that Judi has helped me tap into my intuition, reading cards is a breeze!! Thank you Judi!! I love being able to read my own cards and confidently read for others!" 
Jennifer Dunaway
"I love the course, it's like you are right there with me explaining, it's very detailed, and I can actually understand it, it isn't over my head, I can go back to something if I need to and it's so convenient to learn at my own pace and time. I am tuning into my intuition more, Thank you! You are awesome!"
Barbara Ann Bynum
This class is fantastic! Judi is amazing and I like the fact that she actually uses some cuss words because most people do....this is a work at your own pace class and because I work a lot I'm a little behind....but Judi keeps everything right there for me. I love you Judi!
Darlene Joy
This course was a great learning tool . You can go back when needed, and go at your own pace. Which was great for me because I work full time. I have always been drawn to Tarot cards. Judi really helps you to trust your intuition. This course was fun, and highly enjoyable.
Melissa Estrada
I love the course, if I have questions Judi is right there answering them! Great learning tool, & learning at my own pace! I feel more confident, and been doing great ever sense I took this course!
Still have questions? Maybe this Q & A will help...
I don't think I'm intuitive or psychic, can I still learn something?

Hell YES! In fact you would have an easier time learning because you are not already “pre-programed” with other teaching concepts. Everything I create is geared toward “newbies”. 
I already know how to read cards, how will this help me?

This course goes way beyond card reading.  The end result is becoming so strong and confident in your natural abilities that you won't need cards to receive information or do reading.
Is there a certification?

If you choose to read professionally, consider yourself “certified” when you are confident in yourself.  I give you all the tools,  and code of ethics to follow.  There is no need to pay extra for a piece of paper, right?
What if I can't make the monthly virtual training for the VIP Package?

No biggie, they are recorded and  stored in the private FB group so you can watch the replay any time you like.  
I don't have a credit or debit card, will you take paypal?

My cart does not accept paypal, email: to have your order manually processed.
Is there a refund policy?

Not at this time.  Once you enroll, you can download all the paid training instantly.  Developing your intuition is like a gym membership, you receive what you put into it.
I have two options for you! 
(because honestly, I Iike having options)
Learn To Read Angel, Oracle And Tarot Cards The Easy Way.
The basics
OR 2 x payments of $149.95
  • 28 training videos with Instant full lifetime access.
  • 8 pdf worksheets you can download.
  • BONUS - Understanding your Clairs E-book.
  • BONUS - 1 Guided Meditation to open your intuition.
  • BONUS - Free printable deck of tarot cards.
  • BONUS - Two surprise training videos from the VIP package.
the vip upgrade
OR 2 x payments of $249.95 
  • 41 training videos with Instant full lifetime access.
  • 15 pdf worksheets you can download.
  • BONUS - Understanding your Clairs E-book.
  • BONUS - 1 Guided Meditation to open your intuition.
  • BONUS - Free printable deck of tarot cards.
  • BONUS - Access to free readings in the private FB group.
  • BONUS - Unlimited access to me in the private FB group.
  • BONUS MODULE #5 - Journaling and really diving deep with your cards.
  • BONUS MODULE #6 - Fun stuff to do and learn with your cards.
  • BONUS MODULE #7 - An additional seven detailed videos for intuition development practice.