Energy Management For Empaths, Intuitives and healers.
Take what is perceived as a weakness, get in alignment with your energy and become "Un-f**kwithable"
Do you struggle with?
  • ​Feeling like an energetic negative absorbing sponge?
  • ​Standing in your power when around dominant or negative people?
  • ​Protecting yourself from toxic people, energy vampires or psychic attacks?
  • Feeling like your gift of empathy is more like a draining curse?
  • ​Connecting with and trusting your inner spirit and natural gifts?
If you desire To quickly get yourself in Alignment to...
  • ​Clear away crap and open doors to abundance.
  • ​Step into and own your true power.
  • ​Connect with spirit to receive downloads of information.
  • ​Experience massive spiritual and personal growth.
  • ​Always be in alignment to manifest like crazy.
  • ​Develop your intuitive and psychic gifts.
In short.. Repel all the negative B.S. and open the doors to the magical Abundance
And, if you can see yourself as a "Magical Goddess" creating magical abundance and sprinkling it everywhere, then you need to register for this workshop.
What you will learn during this training...
1. The various types negative energy that exist.
2. The energy inside you.
3. Decoding and shifting the Ego's energy.
4. Are you feeling your emotions or others.
5. The energy of your tribe. 
6. Stepping into your power techniques.
8. Chakra alignment
8. Connecting with spirit.
9. The external energy around you.
10. How to read the energy of people, pleaces and things.
11. Energy clearing techniques.
12. Tools used.
13. How to create your magical energy.
14. Rituals for power and abundance.
15. Making your own ritual.
Bonus... Free energy cookbook to establish and create your own high vibe "unf**kwithable" energy guide.
Energy Managnement Workshop
A replay video training that you have lifetime access to..... No lengthy ebook to read.
34.95 Lifetime Access
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