Open your Intuition 

The beginners guide to silencing the inner critic and and trusting your spirit.

If you desire To...
  •  Understand how your intuitive voice communicates with you.
  •  Be a clear open channel for divine guidance and messages.
  •  Be anxiety free and have peace of mind when making a decision.
  •  Having life changing intuitive skills to move forward with confidence in your life.
  •  Activate your intuitive intelligence and navigate the world from a place of wisdom.
In short... 
Learn the basic beginner steps to working with and developing your natural intuitive gifts.
If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of The Above, Then I Invite You To Enroll In...
Here's what you get...
6 Video Lessons
1 Workbook
1Guided Meditation
The Details of the lesson sections...
Lesson 1
Introduction to the course.
Lesson 2
Understanding the Ego voice vs the Intuition voice.
Lesson 3
Grounding yourself - Why its so important, what it is, what happens and how to do it the easy way.
Lesson 4
Asking any question you desire insight into and how your intuitive voice will answer you.
Lesson 5
Easy Grounding Meditation to get in the zone.
Lesson 6
Trusting your intuition and making a decision. 
After completing this course you will...
  •  Know how to silence the world and your own mental chatter so you can tune into spirit.
  •  Know the difference between the indecisive voice in your head and what one to listen to.
  •  Have the confidence and power to trust what your intuition is telling you and take appropriate action.
  •  Open the doors to working with your intuition.
Customer Testimonials ...
"This course answers a lot of questions, even for some whose intuition is well rounded.  This is the best thing I've ever done and it has set me back on track and reminded me that there are still lessons to be learned"
Tonya Ashley
"I took the course mainly out of curiousity to see mainly how you teach, I'm beyond impressed. Even thouse who just need another view point. Oh, and the price is well worth it and very affordable for everyone"
Joyce Pearson Yost
"Judi, it was so awesome the live reading you gave me the other day regarding my third eye and intuuition opening. This very course was the beginning of my process. So many thanks to you for doing what you do and I' loving it being happy"
Brenda Kidder