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Get Ready To Take Your life and gifts To Another Level and create an epic life for yourself and others.

- the cheapies -

Low-Cost guided meditations to get your feet wet. Don't let the Low-Cost fool ya on the quality of the material.
Struggle to connect with your intuition for answers?
This guided meditation will help you plug into and develop a better connection to working with and trusting your intuition.
Your Investment: $9.95 (USD)
Need an energetic healing, cleansing, and chakra alignment?
This guided reiki session will clear out all the low-vibe energy you absorbed and open you up to receiving messages.
Your Investment: $24.95 (USD)
Struggle to release negative B.S. from your life?
This guided meditation will help you release stress, anxiety and promote better sleep for a more relaxed Night or day.
Your Investment: $9.95 (USD)

- online video courses - 

(They Are Sorted from Lowest To Highest Price Depending On How Slow Or Fast You Want To Move Through Your Awakening Journey)
Psychic Development Simplified.
A 5-hour crash course on 30 different ways to develop all your gifts.
After taking this class you will know what your most dominant gift is and various ways to develop each clair. I give over 30 easy life hacks and 50 super simple exercises to develop your gifts making you the jack of all trades when it comes to working with the spirit world. 

NOTE: This is a beginner's guide for those wanting a quick fix, fast short lessons on everything psychics and mediums to develop and maintain their gifts. 
Price point under $100 (USD) and is a fay in full only.
A Girls Guide To Badassery.
After taking this class you will naturally open your third eye and be able to read any deck of cards (Angel, Oracle, and Tarot) without having to memorize shit. You will be able to confidently give readings for yourself and others if you like. 

NOTE: This is a mastery class for those who are deeply interested and drawn to card reading. If you want to become a professional at using them to aid in your life and possibly others. Then this class is perfect for you.
Price point about $500 (USD) and a payment plan is available,
The Empathic Psychic Witch.
After taking this class you will shed away the old you, say "bye Felicia" to shitty repeating situations, confidently navigate life and create magic with the spirit world's help. 

NOTE: This is a life, transformation class. If the physical world isn't cutting it, you want a new life and desire to incorporate the spiritual world into your daily life 24/7. To rise like a phoenix from the ashes into the person you were born to be. Then this is the class for you.
Price point about $1,600 (USD) and a payment plan is available,

- work with me 1 on 1 - 

Spiritual Mentoring And Coaching...
Because Every Woman Needs An Empathic Psychic Witch By Her Side.

Sometimes we get stuck and don't know what is blocking us.

Sometimes we want that extra 1 On 1 personal guidance.

Sometimes we need another perspective or validation.
I'm Here To Help You Reshape Your Reality And Transform Into The Most Successful, Powerful, And Abundant Version Of Yourself With The Help Of The Spiritual World.
You do not have to go through this spiritual journey alone, I got ya.
Price point Over $1,000 (USD)
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