spiritual Mentoring and coaching For Empath's

Every woman needs an empathic psychic witch by her side.

Lets Be Honest, We Are Big Girl Adults Right....

Sometimes we get stuck and don't know what is blocking us.
News flash... I go through all the same shit as everyone else and believe it or not, I have a life coach!  We all need someone to help us reach higher levels, to break through limiting beliefs or barriers to reach new levels. 

We all want someone that we can go to for knowledge, insight and answers that we trust to help us create an amazing life with spirit by your side..
Sometimes we want that extra 1 on 1 personal guidance.
I cant tell you how many self study online courses I have taken or professionals I met online and thought to myself "If I could just have her all to myself this would make my experience or goal happen so much faster. "

Been there and still do it in different areas of my personal and professional life.
Sometimes we need another perspective or validation.
Have you met my soul sister Rhonda? She goes live with me on my Facebook page once in a while. You know I do this stuff for a living and feel like I'm at a pretty high level with my skills obviously if I'm teaching this stuff. This is all I do for a living, but.... sometimes I get in my head based on my own wants or needs and question if I'm stuck in hopeful wishing or thinking along with other stuff.
I question sometimes If I'm losing my mind, making this shit up and if what Im experiencing or doing is "normal", (whatever the hell that means) and if I'm on the right track. Rhonda is my "go to" person.

What I'm really saying...

It's So Fucking Nice To Have Someone Who "Gets You" And Work Through confusing Shit Together.

If you have been following me for a while and feel a connection to me...

It would be an Honor to be your "go to" person.
I know what it's like to try and connect the dots in various areas of your life journey. Trying to get clear answers from the spirit world, understanding and connecting to your inner voice to create new things without having any friends or family members who get it or think you're crazy.

I know what it's like to watch endless YouTube videos and sign up for webinars just to see what I can make sense of, piece together and keep my fingers crossed wasting months of my life trying to wing it. I actually wasted years!

I'm here for you and i offer private 1 on 1 sessions.

Through face to face Zoom sessions
You have two options, because who doesn't like options.
I would like to help you reach new levels in your life and with your gifts because I know what it's like to struggle or not have anyone to help guide you.  It's exhausting, crippling and no one should go through that.

Spiritual mentoring & coaching on epic levels

To Help You Reshape Your Reality And Transform Into The Most Successful, powerful and Abundant Version Of Yourself.

Designed for women ready to Break through barriers and reach new levels of her life.

Personalized Virtual BFF Mentoring And Coaching Details.

How Does It Work?
Pick a package option that works for you.  From there you will get an email with my calendar of availability and you can schedule your first face to face zoom session with me free of charge.

All sessions are one hour and can be spanned out as we use them based on your needs and schedule. 

Let's skip the general sales "hook" where I have you "apply" to work with me and sell you my offer on the phone.

Because Im upfront...Below are my two package options and the investment in your future self.  You know what feels right and what's best for you, no need for me to try and convince or sell you anything on the phone.

Package 1

The quick fix Coaching 
This package is perfect if you have been working with your gifts for a while and struggling in certain areas or looking to enhance or transform a certain area of your life.

Your first session is free of charge.

Plus you get unlimited priority email access to me.

Package 2

The goddess Coaching
This package is perfect if you're experiencing a spiritual awakening and new to understanding your gifts. Or, really want to go deep and elevate your life in the most amazing ways.

Your first session is free of charge.

Plus you get unlimited priority email access to me.
If you would like more information help reading...
Need a little more information About what to expect?
My teaching style is a straight to the point, no fluff from the heart, soul sister type energy. I don't sugar coat shit!
THE empath 
If you work with me, this is where you discover and confidently step into your powerful light and shine.
THE psychic
If you work with me, this is where you get the healing, insight and answers beyond the physical world.
THE witch
If you work with me, this is where the magic is at and you discover your true power and potential.
When you learn how to work with these three magical elements of yourself and eradicate any limiting beliefs or blocks...
you become the greatest, most powerful, confident version of yourself Fulfilling all your dreams and desires.

because i give a fAQ about helping you...

What makes your sessions different from others?
I see people as individual souls and give a shit! This is not a cookie cutter session. This is tailored to your needs, wants and desires. You're not a paycheck, a number or client in my eyes.... you're a soul sister. Ever go to a therapist, teacher or counselor and it feels like they are listening and giving text book schooling answers? It sucks and its not helpful at all!
How do I know if this is right for me?
Are you serious about transforming your life and working with your gifts? Are you struggling? Do you long to connect with someone like you? Have you watched any of my free training on Youtube or Facebook and feel a connection to me?  Do you get the insight, answers and clarity through that content?  Then imagine what 1 on 1 with me will do for you.
Is it guaranteed to work?
If you're looking for a magic spell where you don't do shit... No. But, if your serious about diving within and discovering who the fuck you really are, willing to work with me helping you to remove any blocks and have me lovingly guide or kick your ass (If needed, cause I will)... Yes!
Is there a specific start and end date?
Not really.  I view this as "ongoing maintenance" because that is what I would want. You decide when you need or want your sessions spanned out. We can start out 1 x week for two weeks and then every other week .... You call the shots based on your needs.
Can I use my sessions for readings?
Fuck yes!  In fact it's part of my process, but on a deeper level. This is about your needs, wants or desires and how I can help you achieve them. You can use your time with me however you like because it's your time. I value and respect that. My goal is to make sure you get what you need.
Is there a refund policy?
No, only because I can't get my time back. My online courses have refund policies, but not my personal 1 on 1 time with someone. Again, this is about me helping you get to where you want to be with your gifts and life.  You have to show up just like me and put the work into it. This is a commitment to you, to be your highest, happiest, most vibrant badass self with me by your side.
What exactly is covered in your sessions?
We go over exactly what it is you want to learn, overcome or step into.  Its all individual based on what you want and where you are in your spiritual journey. Think of it like me creating an online training program specifically for you, but working 1 on 1 with you.
What if I want the help but can't afford to pay full?
You can email me here and we can go from there with a payment plan that works for you.
What if I have a question that is not answered here?
You can email me here and I will respond back ASAP. Just title it "Coaching Inquiry"

let's review your mentoring and coaching options again...

To Help You Reshape Your Reality And Transform Into The Most Successful, powerful and Abundant Version Of Yourself.

I'm here to support and guide you through every level of your journey because I get you.
You do not have to go through this spiritual journey or awakening alone.
Again, if you have any questions or need more information, you can email me here and I will respond back and set up a free of charge zoom call to discuss if this is the right fit for you.

you are deserving and worthy of every single one of your dreams and desires...

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