Connect with your Spirit Guides Through Tarot.

Develop that intimate relationship with your guides while having them teach you tarot, without memorizing 78 cards.
Learn to read tarot for yourself by connecting with your spirit guides and easily navigate through life's ups and downs while developing your natural psychic abilities.
1) Do tarot books and not knowing how to put the story together overwhelm and confuse you? 

2) Do you wish to work with your spirit guides to create life changing abundance not only on a physical level, but a spiritual one also?

3) Would you like to develop and strengthen your psychic abilities?

4) Would you like to connect with the magical energy around you that the physical eyes cannot see?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then this workshop is for you...
What you will learn...
1. Creating your future vs telling it.
2. What type of deck to use.
3. Various ways to read Tarot. 
4.  Clean and attune your cards.
5. How to not f**k up your reading
6.  Psychic protection.
7. The Tarot system & structure.
8. Connect with your spirit guides.
9. Reading without memorizing.
10. Decision making and outcomes.
11. Improving career and finances.
12. Using tarot to heal and move forward in life.
13. Reading  for love.
14. Easy ways to learn and teach yourself.
15. Live Q & A, practice and more.
Bonus when you register... Free printable Tarot cards for beginners to practice with.
Tarot and spirit guides Workshop
29.95 Lifetime Access
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