Huge big win for you! This workshop is getting a massive makeover and the price is going to increase by $900! 

The Empaths Survival Guide

Discover, develop, manage and step into your natural superpower so toxic people no longer feed off your badass light.

The Empaths Survival Guide

Discover, develop, manage and step into your natural superpower so toxic people no longer feed off your badass light.
Do you struggle with...
  • ​Feeling like a sponge that is easily filled with anxiety, stress or depression?
  • ​Attracting or being a dumping ground for broken, crazy, or needy people?
  • Standing in your power when faced with dominant or toxic people?
  • ​Releasing fear, pain, self doubt and blockages to happiness?
  • ​Attracting toxic or abusive relationships on the repeat cycle?
If you desire To...
  • Flip the switch of draining negative energy into rocket fuel for success.
  • ​Conquer and release anything that holds you back from your desires.
  • ​Repel toxic and negative energy vampires like a mofo.
  • ​Quickly identify a toxic or manipulative wolf in sheep's clothing.
In short... Become the "super empath" and start living the life of your dreams of instead of taking hits and dealing with negative draining bullshit.
If you are ready to stop being a doormat to toxic and manipulative people, then you need to register for this workshop.
The Workshop Outline...
1. The self discovery journey to understanding yourself.
1. a - What type of empath you are.
1. b - What is a codependant empath.
1. c - What is a toxic or abusive relationship.
2.  Understanding your emotional guidance system.
2. a - The ego and shadow work.
2. b - Your intuition.
2. c - Trauma and PTSD.
3. How to power up.
3. a - Boundries and saying "no" without feeling guilty.
3. b - How to face fears like champion.
3. c - Self love and care to build confidence and power.
Bonus... Free guided distance reiki session meditation to release toxic bullshit all up in your space.
Customer Testimonials ...
"I absolutley enjoyed the workshop! I learned so much about myself that I didnt understand was my codependant personality and ego.  Thank you for being so easy to learn from."
Corrine Leth
"I have to say this training was phenominal and definately worth the money! Ive been to not nearly as good trainings and paid a lot more money. I look forward to more workshops with you."
Sue Hohe
The Empaths Survival Guide Workshop
A Three Hour Workshop
98.95 Lifetime Access
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