The complete third eye training and activation class.
Everything you need to know about working with your third eye including how to open it.
If you desire To...
  • ​Experience the world through a spiritual/ energetic filter.
  • Awaken and strengthen your intuitive and psychic abilities.
  • ​Develop a stronger bond with your soul and the universe.
  • ​Expand your consciousness to new levels.
  • ​See into spiritual dimensions.
In short... Activate and Awaken one of your natural intuitive and psychic gifts.
Then you need to register for this workshop.
What you will learn during this Workshop.
1. Is this a real thing.
2. A total overview of what it's really like to work with.
3. Squash hollywood's B.S. 
4. Fake news you read about.
5. Two avenues you can travel when working with it.
6. Life changing gifts it brings.
7. The dangers or side affects.
8. Precautions to be aware of.
9. Exercises to open and strengthen it.
10. Aftercare maintenance.
11. How to close or turn it off.
12.  Live Q & A
Bonus.. A guided meditation of you are ready to open it.
The Complete third eye training
$34.95 Lifetime Access
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