Un F**k Your Broken Heart Fast!
Break the spell of toxic shitty relationships for good and attract high quality healthy love into your life.
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sound like you?
  • ​Did you lose yourself, your friends and life because you didn't want to lose him?
  • ​Did you become the girl who was so mistreated it became your normal way of life to say "Im used to it"?
  • ​Did you become that girl who was always undervalued and told yourself "Its fine"?
  • ​Did you become that girl who was so used to being put last you got used to saying "Its ok, next time"?
  • ​Did you become that girl who was always taken for granted and made excuses like "he is overworked or tired"?
  • ​Did you become the girl who was so used to being unhappy, feeling alone and got used to lying to yourself and your friends saying "It will get better",  but it never does or did?
  • ​Did you become the girl who fell victim to narcissistic abuse and struggling to unscramble your brain back to a healthy reality dealing with PTSD?
If you answered "yes" to any of those above...
Then you need to take this course, discover who the f**k you are and break that shit cycle once and for all!  
after completing this course you will...
  • Learn how to heal yourself lightning fast.
  • ​Understand toxic relationships and how to break that karmic spell for good.
  • ​Reclaim or even discover your true power, value and worth.
  • ​Say "Bye Felicia" to the old and welcome in the new.
  •  Live the life you were meant to live on our terms, not the crap you have been experiencing.
  • ​Come to life in a way you never experienced before.
Whats included...
Over 20 life changing healing Video Lessons
Numerous Downloadable Pdf's
Healing reiki and chakra alignment guided meditation
The End result...
1) You will not only heal yourself, but release toxic people and experiences from your life. 

2) Discover your true value and worth on a deep and empowering soul level.  

3) Find your long lost crown and wear it proudly repelling all jerkoffs from your life.

4) Attract real love instead of repelling it when you are ready.
BONUS: How to free yourself and heal quickly from Narcissistic Abuse.
You have two options.
1 - Keep your fingers crossed with hoping and praying that this shitty point in your life doesn't drag out forever and you eventually come out ok.

2 - Get instant lifetime access to end your pain and confusion right now. No one deserves to suffer because of someones toxic douchery.
Are you ready to end the perpetual state of WTF, heal yourself and attract real love into your life for less than $20?
Your happiness and sanity is worth so much more than that!
If you are asking yourself "Why is it so cheap?", because my love.. I don't want ANYONE to go through or experience what I did with toxic and abusive relationships, especially if you are starting over from scratch with little to no money. Consider it a gift from one survivor to another. Now heal yourself for less than $20!