Free spiritual, intuitive and psychic development Training For Empaths Who Are ready to transform their lives.

Are you ready to discover the greatest, most powerful badass version of yourself?
If so, Then I have some free options below to start you on your journey.
1. Tube Video Training
2. Live Webinars (Coming Soon)
3. PDF Downloads
Youtube video's...
Intuitive tuesday
Watch Hours of Training on Various Topics Such As Psychic Development, Manifesting, Spirit Guides, Card Reading, Energy, Love, surviving narcissistic abuse, repelling toxic people and More.
PDF Downloads...
Card Spreads for Stepping Into Your Power and building a kick ass life.
Curious about card reading and need fast guidance on why things are happening or what to do next ?  This free pdf will give you basic spreads to create the life of your dreams, releasing B.S., past karmic debt, your love life and more.
Does it feel like your soulmate Sucked The Life Out Of You?
Feeling confused like your losing your mind constantly saying "WTF"? Has the person who loved you changed and is unempathetic to your needs or pain? You may have fallen in love with a Narcissist and need this free pdf!
Toxic Energy Repellant for empaths
Are you an Empath who struggles with harsh people? Are you surrounded by a**holes, negative Nancys or do energy work? This pdf will tell you how to shield, protect and switch yourself from negative or toxic peoples crappy energy.
Repell The Unworthy From Your Heart
Dating questions that will scare off emotionally unavailable, immature or narcissistic men. Quickly weed out toxic or weak men before your heart gets invested in fairy-tails, f**k boys and painful dead end bulls s**t?
30 Ways To Develop Your Intuition
Do you know how to strengthen that internal bond with yourself? This pdf will give you simple and easy exercises to do just that.
5 natural Ways to Open your Third Eye
Curious about the third eye, how to open it and if its even safe. This pdf will show you basic things you can do to open or strengthen it.
Psychic Protection for empaths
Are you a psychic who works with the spirit world and a little scared as to how to protect yourself fom negative energy, entities and toxic people?  Its easy for an empath to absorb and sucked into the darkness.  This pdf wll give you 21 different ways to shield yourself not only from outside energy, but your own negative shit.
5 Ways to Cut Etheric Cords of Attachment from a person, Place or situation.
Have some serious negative gook on you, resentment or regrets you cannot seem to shake? This pdf will help you detach and free yourself from what binds you from moving forward.
step into a life that exceeds your wildest dreams by developing your natural intuitive and psychic gifts. 
If this is your first time ever stumbling upon me...
Hey there my name is Judi Jamieson, I'm a spiritual mentor, psychic and teacher. 

I work with women who are in a transitional point or rebuilding their lives and ready to step into their power, to build a life beyond their wildest dreams.  A lot of my content comes from being a survivor of narcissistic abuse, or the classic "Empath/ Narcissist relationship" to using the most dangerous relationship of your life to empower you instead of killing your soul.

I teach spirituality, intuition, and psychic development while taking the scary misconceptions out of this line of work and way of life.

My teaching style is a no fluff, no B.S., straight to the point soul sister type energy.

If you're all good with that.. pick a freebie above that interests you.
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